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Web applications development

The best part of web is created with Generint

Front-end development
Front-end development

We develop the best quality front end of any complexity and have decades of accumulated developer experience with many world-class frameworks, including ReactJs, VueJs and Angular.

Back-end services
Back-end services

Our experience allows us to provide high-quality services running Python, Java, Kotlin and other technologies and their associated frameworks.


In case you have only functional requirements and need an outstanding design, we will deliver mock-ups you will love. It will do it for free if the implementation is placed on our shoulders.

Awesome web applications using any technology

Web applications of any complexity level, high quality websites optimized for desktop and mobile consumption and the best possible UI/UX are at the very heart of Generint. We work with the following tech stack:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • ReactJs
  • VueJs
  • Python
  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • PHP

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