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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Unlock the power of AI with Generint

Recommendation systems
Recommendation systems

We develop permanently self-learning and fine-tuned recommendation and prediction systems based on your data of any type. We exploit the most effective combinations of rule-based and data-driven approaches optimized for your use cases.

Computer vision
Computer vision

Our data scientists team have a broad experience in computer vision problems, including real-time object detection, face recognition, image semantic segmentation, body parts localization and motion estimation using deep convolutional neural networks.

Natural language processing
Natural language processing

If your data comes in text or audio format and you are interested in classification, information extraction, sentiment analysis, fire words detection, optical character recognition or natural language generation, we will help you by sharing our knowledge in this areas. Recurrent neural networks is not a mystery for us, they are our old friends.

Experts in the whole Machine Learning pipeline

We can provide you with built-from-scratch machine learning models trained on your data set and based on your evaluation metrics. Scope of our expertise comprises:

  • Classification tasks
  • Object recognition
  • Audio processing
  • Information extraction
  • Text processing
  • Sentiment analysis

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